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Western Butterflies for Young Explorers Book

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An A to Z Guide! Anyone who has ever stopped to watch a butterfly flit across a mountain meadow or backyard garden will loveåÊWestern Butterflies for Young Explorers. This beautifully illustrated guide helps children identify twenty-six butterflies of the western United States‰ÛÓone for each letter of the alphabet, from the Anise Swallowtail to the Zerene Fritillary. In between, young explorers will discover a wide variety of species, including such favorites as the Monarch, the Tiger Swallowtail, and the Painted Lady. Each entry presents a lovingly rendered watercolor of a specific butterfly along with a simple but thorough description of its caterpillar, it coloring, and its mature wingspan, as well as its range, habitat, and preferred host plant. In addition are fun facts about butterfly natural history. Did you know that butterflies identify their host plants by tasting them with their feet?åÊWestern Butterflies for Young ExplorersåÊis a wonder-filled guide for budding naturalists and their families to share.