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The Mystery of John Colter: the Man Who Discovered Yellowstone

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"In the annals of American history, John Colter's name is often mentioned in the same breath as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett as one of the expanding frontier's original frontiersmen. Colter is frequently cited as the discoverer of Yellowstone and holds a legendary reputation for outrunning a tribe of Blackfoot Indians hell-bent on hunting him down like an animal, a feat for which the yearly Colter's Run footrace in Montana is named. Yet, because Colter left behind almost no written documents, such as journals or letters, precious little is known about the explorer's life other than information gleaned from second and third-hand accounts... Ronald M. Anglin and Larry E. Morris devote themselves to separating the myths from the facts while offering fascinating tidbits about other people associated with Colter, such as Lewis and Clark. Readers new to Colter will be intrigued, while those familiar with his standing will be pleased to finally see a definitive biography of this noteworthy American pioneer." - Booklist