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Product Image Quipet Greeting Cards

Quipet Greeting Cards

$ 4.00


1. Love to Love you

F: I love....

I: to love you.

2. Worry Wart
F: I know you worry.
I: I'm doing well. And I'm happy.

3. Holiday List

F: Congratulations! You made the "Send Card To" List.

I: Maybe next year you'll make the "Send Gift To" List. Happy Holidays

4. Roses are Red
F: Roses are red. Violets are blue. I got you a card.
I: You're Welcome.

5. Mommy miss me

F: Mom Mom Mom Mommy Mommy Mommy Ma Ma Ma Mama Mama Mother Mother 

I: Miss me? Love you.

6. Sympathy Birthday
F: With deepest sympathies...
I: at the loss of another year of your youth. Happy Birthday!

7. Rarity You're Welcome

F: It is rare to hear those three little words...

I: You. Are. Welcome.