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Product Image Montana Trivia

Montana Trivia

$ 10.00


Author: Janet Spencer
This fun-filled, fact-filled trivial extravaganza will keep you laughing, keep you learning, and keep you guessing. Trivia Queen Janet Spencer scoured libraries, archives, and museums for the oddest and most obscure figures, facts, and fascination she could find. The perfect campfire companion! Use the book to play a homemade version of Trivial Pursuit ™. Keep a copy in your glove box, or put it in your bathroom!
Sample Questions:
1. What Montana county has the highest ratio of men to women, with 139 men for every 100 women?
2. How many states have more pick-up trucks per capita than Montana?
3. Where’s the deepest lake in the state?
4. Name the state that sends Montana more tourists than any other state.
5. What’s the largest rodent in the state, weighing up to 90 lbs?
6. In the city limits of Butte, are there more streets above ground or mining tunnels below ground?
7. In 1999, residents of Saco, Montana set a world record by cooking a 6,000-pound hamburger. How many cows went into that big burger?
8. Are there more cows or humans living in Montana?
9. What Montana city reports the greatest number of UFO sightings?
10. How long would it take to give a lift to the entire population of Montana in the state’s 65 ski lifts?
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-60-9
Pages: 160