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An all around best-selling product line. Anyone on the receiving end of these gourmet treats will be truly delighted. Almond Buttercrisp: Homespun Buttercrisp Hand Dipped in Pure Milk Chocolate, with Sliced Almonds.
10 to 15 Hand Made Pieces Presented in a Golden Pouch
Net Weight: 7 ounces
ButterChurn Brittle: Naturally Soft Brittle Churned with Roasted Peanuts and Dairy Butter.
This ButterChurn Brittle is a good old fashioned peanut brittle, chocked full of nuts. It's cooked to that perfect moment when the peanuts roast, and the incredible robust flavor comes out. It's delicious and easy to chew.
10-15 Hand Made Pieces Presented in a Golden Pouch.
Sweet Snowies: Snow White Chocolate Drifted in Whole Almonds. 10 - 15 Hand Made Pieces Presented in a Golden Pouch.
Cream of the Caramels: A Golden Harvest of Soft and Smooth Pure Vanilla Caramels. 15 Individual Pieces Presented in a Golden Pouch.