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More Adventures of a Montana Misfit

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This volume continues Adventures of a Misfit: Coming of Age in the 50s and 60s. Inspired by true events, the story picks up in 1962 as the narrator begins junior high school in Bozeman, Montana. With an awkward - and occasionally hilarious - attempt to navigate teenage society, the author endures a stint in the Boy Scouts, camping trips, Little League baseball, a paper route, art projects gone awry, excruciating embarrassments, and a lesson showing there is no career in being a wise guy. In high school, things begin to change rapidly with the overwhelming impulse to be one of the popular students. With this, the narrator's notions of the world become ever more at odds with reality. Soon, drinking escapades become increasingly reckless, resulting in arrest, fraternizing with lawyers, and jail. Before the author's senior year of high school, the family moves to Great Falls, Montana. The process of attending a new school while surviving what was left behind results in further exploits for the highlight reel. The late 1960s bring the Viet Nam War and social turmoil even to Montana, mirroring the narrator's disorientation.