Grizzly Bear Gamble ( 3rd adventure of Daniel Foss)

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In the mountains near Anastasia, Colorado, a silvertip terror has taken over the land. Livestock, property, and people have fallen victim to a deadly grizzly that‰ÛÓofficially‰ÛÓdoesn‰۪t exist. With an angry group of activists watching his every move, predator hunter Daniel Foss must tread lightly while he protects a proud community from the menace.If his plans go awry, there‰۪s little hope for survival. With nothing but his senses to bet on, he must make the right decision every step of the way. Otherwise, there‰۪s a deadly bear waiting to call his bluff.In this third adventure of the Daniel Foss series, Grizzly Bear Gamble takes readers on a high-stakes thrill ride through the mountains of southwest Colorado. When the chips are down, can Daniel Foss keep his winning streak alive?