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Product Image Ghost Stories: True hauntings in Montana 2011

Ghost Stories: True hauntings in Montana 2011

$ 9.00

Description: A hair-raising collection of TRUE ghost stories from all around Montana updated in 2011.

Introduction—after seeing a ghost himself the author searched and found a scientific proof of why something you only thought you saw may actually be there.

A Ghost in Billings—the repercussions of a horrible accidental death.

A Ghostly Desire to be Known—Is this a poltergeist experience or a mean prank.

Visions and Missoula Witches—Were they putting him on or did they really have a connection to the dead?

Above The Kelly Saloon In Garnet Montana – you can actually visit this ghost town and explore Kelly Saloon, hear the story behind the legend.

Philipsburg—Would you stay in this house?

Butte—No one has stayed in this house for long.

Drawer—How can a long dead flashlight, with corroded batteries cast light?

Old Hag—ever wake and find you can't move and see a horrible face hovering over your bed?

Fort Benton—a mysterious story of an unidentified flying object chasing a horse and rider.

Violet—A helped saves from old pressed flowers and his thanked by a ghost.

A Final Old Hag Story—Did you know that once you learn about old hag stories the experience can happen to you?

The Mailbox—Can you fall in love with the dead?

Our Lady of the Mountains A photo of a strange creature high up in the mountains.

The Lost Boy—Did the boy out hunting elk run away or did something else happen.

The Hideaway—history can be scary if you don't study it.

The California Street Bridge—Can a place be evil?
Why are there so many violent deaths near this bridge?