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Product Image Ghost Stories of Montana

Ghost Stories of Montana

$ 13.00

Description: This is a fast and enjoyable overnight read, with a selection of popular Montana ghost tales, such as the urban legends associated with phantom hitchhikers and the ghosts of Carroll College in Helena.

But there are a couple of newer gems that this reviewer had not seen before, centering on the mysteries of the deep woods and mountains of Montana, that really make the book worth its cover price. Other books concentrate on haunted buildings and towns, with an occasional visit to the Little Bighorn, but Asfar adds some chills to the dark Montana wilderness.

1. "The Ghost of Judge Theodore Brantley": Brantley House in Helena

2. "A Billings Haunting": unidentified house; childhood story by anonymous man, pseudonym "Richard Carter"

3. "Two Haunted Helena Houses": "The Tatem House" and "The Ghost at 600 Harrison" (T.C. Power Mansion)

4. "Guests in a Haunted House": a second unidentified house in Billings; childhood story by anonymous woman, pseudonym "Mary Walters"

5. "The Ghosts of Little Bighorn": Little Bighorn Battlefield's Stone House, Visitor Center/Museum, Last Stand Hill and battlefield (the surrounding area) in general

6. "Major Marcus Reno's Fight": Battlefield cemetery, Reno's Crossing

7. "Of Mines and Fires": Story of spectral torso in a Butte mine told by "Jerry" and retold by miner Waino Nyland in "Scribner's Magazine" (May 1934), and Granite Mountain disaster of 1917

8. "The Royal Milling Fire and the Quartz Street Station": Butte's 1895 explosion, and the old fire station

9. "Jack and Virginia Slade and the Phantoms of Virginia City": The story of the Slades, the Meadow Valley ranch house (aka Slade House or toll house on the Bozeman Trail) ruins, and Virginia City

10. "Boots on the Boardwalk and Other Nevada City Stories": Cabin #5, the Nevada City Hotel (including the filming of a movie in 2001 that was interrupted by phantom bootsteps.

11. "The Chase in the Woods": Story told by anonymous Calgary man "Rich" camping in 2002 in Lewis and Clark National Forest, Swan Range, Teton County. Man-shaped apparition chased by something unseen making a "gurgling noise."

12. "The Vision at Lake McDonald": At Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald, man camping with family sees an apparition of a woman(footsteps in brush, then on lake, etc.)

13. "Montana's Earth Lights": Mystery lights near Grass Range in Fergus County; mystery lights in Helena/East Helena Valley at Tacke Ranch

14. "The Demons and Spirits on Montana's Highways": the hitchhiking girl on McDonald's Pass (US 12, west of Helena); male highschool phantom hitchhiker on road between Conrad and Valier in Pondera County; the spirit that appears on windshield as though struck by car around Black Horse Lake by Great Falls; story of the Devil as a hitchhiker (source: C.W. Doulson's "Old One-Eye and Other Lost Souls," Montana Magazine (spring 1985))

15. "The Spirits of Carroll College": St. Charles Hall and the fourth floor bathroom, story of suicide jumper apparition; St. Albert's Hall

16. "Ghost of a Memory": Anonymous man "Andrew" childhood story of "Mr. Ditters" who haunted an unnamed Great Falls home

17. "A Ghostly Murder Mystery": The murder of John Denn and of his apparition that haunts the area between the old Federal Building and the Library, at the end of Helena's Walking Mall

Overall, a nice collection of Montana's usual favorite ghost stories, and a few new gems like "The Chase in the Woods" and "The Vision at Lake McDonald" that this reviewer has not seen elsewhere.