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Product Image Cold & Flu Herbal Mist

Cold & Flu Herbal Mist

$ 15.00


This refreshing herbal mist provides a natural relief for cold, flu, chronic allergies or sinus symptoms. Not only does it smell terrific, it feels comforting. It contains pure essential oils and camphor, whereas many cheaper synthetic equivalents are by-products of the petrochemical industry. The natural essential oils act as mild antiseptics and stimulants for colds and flu, help to calm coughs, open airways, and to relax a constricted chest while calming the body, allowing you to drift off into much needed sleep. Tea tree and clove have natural antiseptic qualities to make your bedding feel clean and refreshed.  

Precautions: This is not a medicine or a drug; it is a traditional remedy that supports the body's ability to heal itself and minimize symptoms. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  

Directions: Shake Well Before Use natural oils settle. Mist body, bed, and air. For external use only. Do not spray into or near eyes. As with any product, use with caution during pregnancy. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, Witch Hazel, vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol, and essential oil blend. 

Size: 4 fl ounce mister